Midcoast Senior College

Midcoast Senior College

Costs & Registration


Semester Membership Fee$15.00
Each 8-week course (includes books and/or materials)$55.00
Each 6-week course (includes books and/or materials)$40.00
Each 5-week course (includes books and/or materials)$35.00
Each 4-week course (includes books and/or materials)$30.00

All fees are paid as part of the Registration process (see below).

"When you write things down, they sometimes take you places you hadn't planned." Melanie Benjamin


     Information about fall semester courses and a registration form is enclosed in the June newsletter and published on our website.  Information about spring semester courses appears in the December newsletter and on our website.  Course information and registration forms are also available at the main campus in Bath, The Highlands in Topsham, and Thornton Oaks in Brunswick.

     To register for courses, a student must be 55 years of age or older and a member of Senior College.  The spouse or partner of a member may also join and register regardless of age.  Members must pay the tuition established by the Board of Directors or qualify for a tution waiver.

     Course Registrations  for each semester are due on dates established by the Board.  A written registration is required for students wishing to be included in the initial assignment to classes.  This includes the ability to participate in a blind drawing (i.e., a computer-generated random selection process) for classes that are oversubscribed.  After the initial enrollment date, students may enroll in classes where there is space available or be added to the waiting list in classes which are full, either by written registration or by telephone, up to the first week of class.

     To submit a written registration, fill out the Registration Form (available here if you don’t get one in the mail) and mail it to us by the specified date. Registration is available by phone after the initial assignment to classes.  (Online registration is scheduled to begin for the fall 2014 semester.)

     Register for as many courses as you wish.  However, we recommend that you include alternate choices for each course as many courses have enrollment limits due to the nature of the course and the size of the room where the course is held.  The Registration Form explains how to list alternates.

     If a course is oversubscribed, a blind drawing based on computer-generated, randomly-assigned numbers determines who is placed in the course, who is placed on the waiting list, and in what order.  If a student withdraws from a class, that seat is filled by the next person on the waiting list.  Note:  Any member who registers for two or more courses in a single semester and has not been placed in any course will be assigned to a seat in his or her first choice of courses in the immediate next semester.

     Closed courses will be listed on this website

     If you don’t get into one of your first-choice course(s), we’ll notify you.  If you don’t hear from us, you know that you are registered in one of your first-choice course(s).

Refund Policy

  • The membership fee is nonrefundable.
  • If you register for a course but are not assigned to it, you may either be reimbursed for that course or apply that tuition to another course.
  • If you drop a course prior to the beginning of classes, you will receive a full refund of the course fee.
  • If you drop any length course after the first class meeting, you’ll receive a full refund of the course fee, provided the book(s) and/or other course materials are returned in like-new condition.
  • You may drop an eight-week course after the second meeting and receive 50% refund of the course fee with the same provision concerning return of book(s) and other course materials.

Financial Aid

Limited tuition waivers are available for 2 classes per year (one per semester) per person. For further information, please call (442-7349) or e-mail us: info@midcoastseniorcollege.org.