African-Americans: The Civil War and Aftermath

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Mondays, 9:30-11:00 a.m. 5-week course begins 11/9

The role and status of Americans of African descent have been major aspects of the culture and politics of the United States since the nation’s inception. It was THE major issue in the conflict that led to the American Civil War and throughout the war. The war resolved some issues related to slavery, but left most issues related to the role and status of African-Americans unresolved, creating the cultural and political structures that continue to define much of American society and politics. This course will offer a series of presentations by different individuals on topics that are intended to broaden our understanding of historical events in this pivotal period in our history. Presentations will address topics ranging from Afro-American resistance to slavery, emancipation, Reconstruction, and post-Reconstruction “Jim Crow” practices, and the struggle for civil rights during the 20th century. Gardner Shaw is a former high school history teacher, professor of political science, consultant to government and industrial organizations, and taxi driver. He is an active member of the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Civil War Round Table.