Alexander Pushkin: Eugene Onegin and Selected Shorter Works

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Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00 a.m. 6-week course begins 5/19

In a country where poetry has long widely been regarded as, next to holy scripture, the highest, most truthful use of language, Pushkin, from his early teens, has been almost unanimously considered the greatest Russian poet. Prince D. S. Mirsky, the dean of Russian literary historians, said that after age twenty, Pushkin was not capable of writing a false line or sentence. Pushkin, after describing duels in several of his works, was killed in one at age thirty-seven. In this course, we will read and discuss Eugene Onegin, The Bronze Horseman, Mozart and Salieri, The Stone Guest and a selection of his best short lyrics and prose works. Required reading: Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin, A new translation by James E. Falen, Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-953864-5 (EO) and Novels, Tales, Journeys: The Complete Prose of Alexander Pushkin, ISBN 978-0307949882 (tr. R Pevear and L. Volokhonsky) as well as selected poems and materials posted on the course website. George Young has a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literature from Yale, has taught Russian literature and general humanities at Grinnell, Dartmouth, and UNE, and more recently has been teaching major works of Russian literature for courses at OLLI and MSC.