To acknowledge in a meaningful way the contributions of the two co-founders of Midcoast Senior College, Nancy Wheeler and Jack Thompson, the Board of Directors established in 2009 the Wheeler/Thompson Founders' Award.  Presented annually at the Spring Luncheon, this award recognizes an individual who has supported the spirit and work of Senior College in significant ways.

     Nominations are solicited each spring from among past and present members/students, faculty, volunteers, and others.  The Board makes the final selection.  (Sitting members of the Board of Directors and current employees are not eligible.)  Each annual recipient of the Wheeler/Thompson Founders Award:

  • is honored at the annual luncheon in June
  • receives a framed certificate
  • receives a $100 gift certificate to a bookstore
  • has his or her name engraved on a permanent plaque displayed at Senior College.

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    Winners of the Wheeler/Thompson Founders' Award:

    The late Bill Brown, beloved teacher for the length and breadth of twenty terms, received the first annual award in 2010.
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    The 2011 winner was Jack Henderson, one of our founding Board members and on-going volunteer and committee member.

    In 2012, the award was presented to Dennis Unger. Dennis was recognized for his strong advocacy and support for Senior College as Director of University College, Bath-Brunswick.

    Agnes Beale received the award in 2013 after 11 years of dedicated "behind the scene" volunteer service.

    The 2014 winner was Dorothy Bell, an active volunteer at MSC since 2002.

    In 2015, Nora Bishop was chosen to receive the award for her multiple ongoing volunteer responsibilities . To read her inspiring acceptance speech, click here.

    Howard Whitcomb was presented the 2016 award for his staunch support of MSC during the previous 13 years as a prolific instructor, Board member, and member and Chair of the Curriculum Committee for many years.

    The 2017 award was presented to Mark Smith, a former Board President who managed the rapid evolution and growth of the College, played a key role in the relocation from Bath to SNHU in Brunswick, helped create the Founders' Award, and oversaw the transition to independent 501(c)3 status.

    Nancy Zugehoer received the award in 2018 in recognition of outstanding service to MSC over many years.  Serving as a volunteer in multiple capacities, Nancy was a long-term member of the Board where she also served as Secretary and Creator/Chair of the Technology Committee.  She was instrumental in our receiving independent 502(c)3 status -- it wouldn't have happened without her perseverance.  Nancy always says Yes when asked to take on a new challenge or task, no matter how difficult.  MSC is grateful for her ongoing support and dedication to the organization.

Bill Brown

Bill Brown wins 2010 Founders' Award

Jack Henderson

Jack Henderson wins 2011 Founders' Award

2012 Winner Dennis Unger with Jack Thompson and Nancy Wheeler

Agnes Beale

2013 Winner Agnes Beale with Richard DiVito and Mary Ann Gessner

Dorothy Bell, 2014 Winner, Enjoys a Laugh with Jack Thompson

Nora Bishop is Awarded 2015 Founders' Award

Howard Whitcomb is the 2016 Founders' Award Winner

Mark Smith

Mark Smith, recipient of the 2017 award

The 2018 recipient, Nancy Zugehoer

The 2019 recipient, Richard DeVito is presented with the award by President Douglas Bates