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Bill Brown was a beloved literature instructor at  Midcoast Senior College who began teaching during the second term of the College’s existence in the fall of 2000.  He subsequently went on to offer a course every term through the fall of 2010.  His courses were nearly always oversubscribed, and the subjects ranged from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Ernest Hemingway and Jon Dos Passos. He wrote in the June 2005 edition of the Midcoast Inquirer, “As I come to the end of my years of teaching at Senior College, I am free from testing, grades and a focus on adolescent minds. Here I pursue humanistic truth with active adult minds, from which I have gained as much or more that I have offered them … a teacher’s paradise.”

Each year, the Curriculum Committee of  Midcoast Senior College seeks nominations for the annual Bill Brown Award for Teaching Excellence to be presented to a past or present MSC instructor who has demonstrated excellence in teaching, and who meets the criteria for eligibility that appear below.  The recipient will be honored at the annual membership luncheon in June.

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The 2019 Winner

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The 2018 Winners

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