Books for Spring Semester 2019

As we have previously announced, MSC is no longer able to purchase books on behalf of students. Books that are required for a class are the student’s responsibility. Please read the following guidelines:

First, determine if a book is required or recommended/suggested for your course.  That information is included on the course description page.

Books may be purchased through a local bookseller (leave ample time if it must be ordered), purchased online, downloaded, or borrowed from your local library.  Older out-of-copyright books are also available free or low-cost through Gutenberg and other sites.

A good way to start is to Google the book online to see what the possibilities are in both price and new or used condition. When you search for a book, use the author’s last name with the title. Note that instructors have provided ISBN numbers for their books. This is to ensure that all in the class obtain the same translation or edition of the book. (Having the same edition of a book may be important when a specific translation is preferred or where having the same edition may ease a class discussion.)

If you would like assistance in acquiring a book, please call the office (725-4900) or email

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