Bringing Nature Home: Maine Audubon presents

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Maine Audubon Director of Education Eric Topper presents Bringing Nature Home

 Backyard Ecology 101
Get an introduction to the wildlife and natural processes that have been occurring around us,in some cases for centuries. We will focus on how simple it can be to restore, observe, and conserve.

The Birds of Maine
Learn more about the birds that share our landscapes. We will profile some of Maine’s avian residents and visitors, and look at what our landscapes should do for them.

Selecting Native Plants
We will introduce our favorite native plants for your home, as well as the online resources we use to choose them. We will also tackle where to find these plants.

Grow Your Own Native Plants
Learn to work with nature to propagate your own plants from seeds. We will cover how different seeds germinate, where to get seeds, basic seed collection, and some of the proven techniques.