Tolstoy’s War and Peace

George Young, instructor (207) 256-9112

Text: WAR AND PEACE (Pevear/Volokhonsky translation, Vintage Classics)
Meeting: Monday 12:30-2:30, September 9 – October 28, eight weeks



September 9 Introduction. Tolstoy’s life and time. W&P Volume One, Part One, pp. 3-111 (1805. Anna Scherer’s Soiree. Pierre at Prince Andrei’s. Pierre at Anatole Kuragin’s. Dolokhov’s Bet. Name Day at the Rostovs’. Death of Count Bezukhov. Bald Hills. Old Prince Bolkonsky and Princess Marya Bolkonskaya. Prince Andre’s Departure.)
September 16 Volume One, Parts Two and Three. pp. 112-294 (1805. Battle of Schon Graben. Prince Andrei. Nikolai and Denisov. Emperor Alexander. General Kutuzov. Napoleon. Soiree at Anna Scherer’s. Pierre and Helene. Princess Marya, Anatole, and Mademoiselle Bourienne. Sonya and Natasha. Nikolai and Prince Andrei at the Front. Battle of Austerlitz. Andrei Wounded.)
September 23 Volume Two, Parts One and Two. pp. 297-417 (1806. Nikolai Comes Home. Dinner for Bagration. Pierre and Dolokhov. The Duel. Princess Lise. Dolokhov and Sonya. Nikolai’s Gambling Loss. Denison’s Proposal. Pierre Becomes a Mason. Helene and Boris. Old Bolkonsky as Commander. Pierre and Emancipation of Serfs. Pierre and Andrei on Ferry Raft. Nikolai Rejoins his Regiment. Napoleon and Alexander as Allies.)
September 30 Volume Two, Parts Three, Four, and Five. pp. 418-600 (1808-1812) Andrei Visits the Rostovs. Andrei, Speransky, and Arakhcheev. Pierre and Helene. Natasha and Andrei at the Ball. Engagement. Old Bolkonsky and Mlle Bourienne. Nikolai at Home. The Wolf Hunt. Natasha’s Dance. Christmas, Mummers, Fortune Telling. Pierre in Moscow. The Rostovs Call on the Bolkonskys. Natasha at the Opera. Anatole and Natasha. Pierre and Natasha.)
October 7 Volume Three, Parts One and Two. pp. 603-820 (1812. Napoleon Invades Russia. Andrei Rejoins Army. Nikolai Leads Regiment. Natasha and Pierre. Rostopchin. Petya. Old Prince Sends Alpatych to Smolensk. Napoleon and Lavrushka. Old Prince’s Death. Marya and Peasants. Nikolai and Marya. Battle of Bodino.)
October 14 Volume Three, Part Three, Volume Four, Part One. pp. 821-986 (1812. Moscow Abandoned. Helene’s Conversion. Pierre in Moscow. Rostovs Leave Moscow. Helene’s Illness. Nikolai and Marya. Pierre’s Mock Execution. Platon Karataev. Prince Andrei.)
October 21 Volume Four, Parts Two, Three and Four. pp. 987-1125 (1812. Kutuzov’s Strategy. Pierre in Captivity. French Retreat. Partisans. Petya. Pierre Rescued. Natasha’s Grief, Healing. Natasha and Marya. Pierre and Natasha.)
October 28 Epilogue. pp. 1129-1215 (1820. Family Life. Philosophy of History.)

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