Delilahs: A History of Female Spies

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Thursdays, 1:00-2:30  6-week course begins 10/1

(CLASS IS CLOSED; CALL 725-4900 to be placed on waitlist)

This course will cover the stories of female spies in Europe and the U.S. since the American Civil War, including Belle Boyd and Rose Greenhow, Mata Hari, investigator Jane Sissmore Archer, and Soviet moles, the art of code breaking and the women of MI5, Russian spies Anna Chapman, Maria Butina and “the Americans.” The female spy is often portrayed as deceiver, seductress, courier, and betrayer. The reality is a more complex world of international espionage, travel, disguises, covers, cipher machines, and double-agents.  Suggested Readings: The course has no required reading, but there will be suggested readings throughout the course that may intrigue the eager student. Online independent research is also recommended.

Robert C. Williams is a retired Russian historian who has taught courses on the history of espionage and published a book on Klaus Fuchs, Atom Spy.

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