Do You Want to Teach at Midcoast Senior College?

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Those who teach at Midcoast Senior College volunteer their time and expertise in support of an intellectually challenging educational organization that inspires and refreshes lifelong learners.  Most of our faculty are drawn from retirees from various backgrounds and vocations who have moved to this area.  While many of our faculty have had careers at a university, college or secondary school, we also have business persons, medical professionals, lawyers, musicians, artists and former government employees teaching for us.

Most of our classes meet for one two hour session once a week for four, six or eight weeks.  The fall term normally begins the second week of September and ends in early November, while the spring term begins the second week of March and ends early in May.  Instructors give no tests or examinations, assign no papers and give no grades or earned credits.  In most courses, at the discretion of the instructors, students are provided with text(s) or other supplemental material within certain financial limits determined by the length of the course.

Prospective teachers should contact the co-chair of our Curriculum Committee, Victor Papacosma, who may be reached by phone at 798-5899 or by email at He will arrange a time to have an initial meeting, often with one or two other committee members.  It is very helpful if a brief resume and course proposal are made available before this meeting.  The next step is to meet with the entire Curriculum committee at a mutually agreed upon date.  Once an instructor has been accepted by the Curriculum Committee there is generally no need to meet with them in succeeding terms provided that future proposed courses fall within the spirit of a traditional Liberal Arts curriculum.