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2021-2022 Board of Directors

(Click on a name to learn more about the individual)
Morton Achter
Freda Bernotavicz
Leona Dufour
Bruce Hauptli
Janet Kehl
Jay Kuder
Lynn Lockwood
M. Kelly Matzen
Susan E. Michael
Craig Snapp
Ervin Snyder
William VanderWolk
Robert C. Williams
Karen Williams
  • President:   Lynn Lockwood
  • Vice President:  Jay Kuder
  • Treasurer:  Karen Williams
  • Secretary:  Leona Dufour
  • Immediate Past President:  Doug Bates*


  • Community Outreach: Susan Michael
  • Current Events Forum:  Susan Michael
  • Curriculum:  Chairs: Victor Papacosma*, Janet Kehl, William VanderWolk
  • Development:  Bruce Hauptli
  • Executive: Lynn Lockwood
  • Events: Freda Bernotavicz
  • Finance:  Karen Williams
  • Nominating:  Doug Bates*
  • Summer Wisdom:  M. Kelly Matzen and Morton Achter
  • Winter Wisdom:  Reg Elwell* and Stuart Gillespie*

NEWSLETTER: Susan Michael, Editor of The Midcoast Inquirer

WEBMASTER:  Donna Marshall**



  • Executive Director:  Donna Marshall**
  • Bookkeeper:  Sonia St. Pierre*

* Not a Board member
**Serves ex officio as a non-voting member on the Board of Directors

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For more information, please call 207-725-4900
or e-mail: