Clare Durst

Clare Durst hails from Texas and is a PBK graduate of Rice University.  She also holds an M.Ed. from Rhode Island College.  From the late 50’s until today, Clare has been deeply involved with computers, first at Rice, then at Brown University, and now at the Highlands and Midcoast Senior College.  At Brown, Clare worked in academic administration and was responsible for “computerizing” the administrative offices, which gave her the experience needed to implement the registration and donation database for Midcoast Senior College.  She also edited and produced publications for the University.

In Maine, Clare is on the board of Monhegan Associates Inc. as well as the board of MSC, and on the board of the co-op of North One at the Highlands.  She created the Welcome to Monhegan Website and is the author of the welcoming booklet handed out to all island visitors.

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