Exploring the Mind of the Kennebec: An Intellectual History

 9:30-11:30 a.m. 8-week course begins 3/13                

In this course we will go deep to understand people in this region today and yesterday. Who were those who visited and lived here between 1600 and 1900? What was their world view? What did they believe and do? Why? How did their mindset affect their actions and Maine’s future? We will study a dozen or more people in the history of the Kennebec region and try to understand what they believed and did: explorers, St. Augustinian Puritans, Catholic and Anglican missionaries, Native Americans, average settlers, and even some folks “from away.” In the process we will find out that we may not be so very different from them.

Bud Warren is a retired educator who spent 25 years teaching writing and English literature. Currently he is a freelance maritime historian focused on Atlantic coast tide mills and the heritage of the Kennebec River region. MSC.                       


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