Does America Owe Americans of African Descent Reparations for Slavery? The Controversy Around Righting Our Original Sin

The course will explore historic precedents for reparations to several ethnic and national groups. How does this apply to the descendants of slaves?  If America compensates for the huge loss of equity and economic well-being that Blacks have suffered, what form(s) should that take?  Who exactly should receive reparations?  For how long?  Two African American panels will provide a better understanding of existing opinions on reparations.  The class will brainstorm possible solutions. MSC, Classroom #3, Limit: 24

Suggested course readings are posted below

For nearly seven years, Susan Bowditch lived in Ghana, West Africa, the source of a part of the Atlantic slave trade. Following this period she worked for museums, researching slavery, abolitionism, emancipation, Jim Crow, and civil rights, thus uncovering the origins of institutional racism, white privilege, and white supremacy.

Additional Course Materials

What Do We Owe African Americans? (in .pdf)

Panelists (in .pdf)

Reparations Syllabus (in .pdf)

Reparations Books (in .pdf)

Reparations Articles (in .pdf)

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