Louis XVI and the French Revolution

The text for this course will be the instructor’s biography, Louis XVI and the French Revolution, which is filled with eyewitness accounts of momentous events that changed the course of history.  A gentle and courageous man who did not want to be king, Louis XVI attempted to work for the welfare of his people until his government was engulfed by the increasingly violent upheavals of the French Revolution.  The many painfully exciting events involving Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and their two children will be detailed.   MSC, Classroom #2; Limit: 15

Required Book: Alison Johnson, Louis XVI and the French Revolution (can be purchased from instructor at reduced price).

Alison Johnson has spent extensive periods in France, and also has written two literary biographies—Henry James: His Life Revealed Through His Letters and Wallace Stevens: A Dual Life As Poet and Insurance Executive.

Click here to read Alison Johnson’s Preface to this course.

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