Neoliberalism and the Common Good

Capitalism has been pivotal in our democracy. When aligned with the ideals of our society, it has advanced the well-being and freedom of our citizens. Since the late 1970s a new self-aggrandizing capitalism, neoliberalism, has displaced interest in the common good. We will exam the history and nature of common good and what can be done to save our democracy.  This course will be an extension of an earlier course, “Saving Capitalism.”  MSC, Classroom #2; Limit: 15

Required Book: Robert Reich, The Common Good, ISBN 9780525520498.  

Frank Broadbent Sr. is Professor Emeritus of Education and Mathematics, Syracuse University. He co-developed the first commercial simulation in teacher education and math games. Among the nine Senior College courses that he has taught is “Saving Capitalism” ( of which this course is an extension.

Additional Course Information from Frank Broadbent:  Be sure to read:

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