Tall Ships Today: The Remarkable Legacy of the Great Age of Sail

The great square-rigged sailing ships that carried on the world’s trade in the 19th and early 20th century were pinnacles of appropriate technology and the source of great pride and admiration in seafaring nations. Today their “descendants” provide professional training for naval cadets and merchant mariners of many nations as well as leadership and teamwork training for young people, serve as national ambassadors of good will, and even offer opportunities for adventure travel.The course will look at all aspects of this remarkable survival story.  MSC, Classroom #1; Limit: 30

 Required Books: Sail Tall Ships! A Directory of Adventure and Education under Sail and The Voyages of Arthur Blackwell Mitchell (both books can be purchased from the instructor at reduced prices).  

David Wood is a retired Coast Guard Captain with extensive seagoing experience, including 4 years in command of the training barque EAGLE, and subsequent brief service aboard several other tall ships. He is a past Chairman of the American Sail Training Association and a former trustee of Sail Training International. A graduate of Amherst College (B.A.) and Boston University (Ed.M/), he has taught at the U.S.C.G. Academy, the U.S. Naval War College, and Northeast Maritime Institute.

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