Ten Germs that Shook the World

Many diseases have had a profound effect upon humans and our political, social, economic, cultural, and scientific history. We will deal with ten of them: leprosy, plague, TB, malaria, smallpox, cholera, syphilis, influenza, polio, and AIDS. They are all caused by microbes. We will discuss the discovery of their causative agents, their mode of spread, their historic effects upon society, our efforts to conquer them, and their potential future threats to mankind. MSC, Classroom #3; Limit: 36  Course is closed

Richard S. Neiman, M.D. is Emeritus Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and of Internal Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine. A graduate of Harvard College and Tufts University School of Medicine, he has had a longstanding interest in the history of medicine.

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