Thomas Mann: The Magic Mountain

Among all the novellas and the novels of Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain is the best-known and widely read. Its model is the German “Bildungsroman,” and its often farcical plot weaves in European thought and literary movements across the warp of time.  This novel, once considered “untranslatable” because it appeared so German, is available in a fairly new, elegant translation which brings out Mann’s sense of humor and his fine irony.  MSC, Classroom #2; Limit: 15  Course is closed

Required Book: Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain, transl. by John E. Woods, ISBN 9781400044214. 

Marlis Cambon has taught mainly German and Italian literature, both in Canada and at American universities. She has translated German speaking authors into English and translation is one of her main interests. She holds a degree in German and Anglo-American literature from the university of Mainz, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Bryn Mawr College. For twelve years she was resident director of Boston University’s Centro Studi in Padova, Italy, shuttling between Italy and Maine for many years.

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