Women in the Civil War Era

A frequently underreported aspect of the American Civil War is the role played by women. This course, through a series of individual presentations by regional college faculty and local historians, addresses the role and impact of women in the coming of the Civil War, as well as the war and aftermath. It offers both “big picture” perspectives of women in the era, and more focused accounts of such topics as women as spies, women in civil war medicine and hospitals, and women in combat. It also delves into the question of the effect of women’s participation in these events on the role of women in American Society after the war. The course is presented by the Joshua Chamberlain Civil War Round Table.  MSC, Classroom #3; Limit: 36

Gardner Shaw is a member of the Joshua Chamberlain Civil War Round Table. He is also a former high school history teacher and principal, a former university professor of political science, and consultant to government agencies and private business. He and his wife Barbara live in Phippsburg.

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