Doing History

This course will provide an exploration of the craft of history as art and as science: sources and evidence; credit, footnotes, acknowl- edgement, and plagiarism; narrative, explanation, and interpretation; speculation, conspiracies, and forgeries; fiction and films; oral history, material culture, public history, and the Internet. The Highlands

 Required Book: Robert C. Williams, The Historian’s Toolbox. A Student’s Guide to the Theory and Craft of History (2nd ed.), ISBN 978-0765620279 (available from instructor for $5.00).

Robert C. Williams received his Ph.D. in History from Harvard (1966) and has taught history and historical methods at Williams, Davidson, and Bates colleges and at Washington University in St. Louis. He has authored numerous books and articles on modern Russian, European, and U.S. history.

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