We Are As Gods

And, according to some, we just better get used to it. Through several prodigious “revolutions” over the past million years, we, humans, have steadily increased our dominance and power over ourselves and the rest of nature. Today, not even the sky seems to be the limit, for example, note the prospect or actuality of precise genome editing, artificial life, cell-cultured and 3-D printed organs (even food), extinct species resurrection, nanotechnologies, whole-planet geoengineering, exploitation and colonization of space, “big data” conspiring with social media, artificial consciousness, the SINGULARITY. In this sequel to “Homo sapiens: In Search of Ourselves,” we consider the potential destiny of the human species as it stands on the brink of perhaps its next great revolution.  UMA Brunswick

Required Book: Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, ISBN 978-0062464316.

Fred Cichocki (Ph.D., University of Michigan) has studied and taught Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at several colleges and universities in the US and Canada. His interests have always been eclectic and strongly inclined toward “big picture” synthesis. In addition to teaching and research, Fred was a natural history museum curator (currently adjunct at the Maine State Museum), and is co-founder of the Maine Master Naturalist Program.

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