House History/Land Genealogy

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Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00 a.m. 4-week course begins 5/19

Many Mainers are curious about the history of ownership of family homes, camps, cottages, farms and woods. Land titles in Maine are ancient and fascinating; boundaries are often vague and conflicting; and the land title system is antiquated and difficult to navigate. Some landowners go to the local Registry of Deeds and spend days finding and deciphering old deeds, other title documents, plans and surveys. They are entranced and excited by what they discover, but they are bewildered, discouraged and frustrated by the process. This hands-on course will teach you how to do land title research online in Cumberland County. Every county in Maine has online land records. There are several different database systems. For example, Cumberland, Somerset and Washington Counties use the same system but others, including Lincoln County, use a different system. The underlying land records are managed the same way and the principles of online title research are the same. The mechanics of online research are slightly different. This course will be useful regardless of the county. Hugh Maynard is a retired commercial real estate attorney and title lawyer, who practiced law in Minnesota and Maine.