Member Feedback

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The following comments have been extracted from recent Course Feedback forms completed by members of all courses:

  • A gift to the community
  • Thank you for being here.  I learned that Maine is the only state with a state-wide senior college presence.  Almost makes winter endurable because there will be a spring term to anticipate.
  • You’re the best—always a diverse group of interesting classes and instructors.
  • Fills a wonderful void in seniors’ lives.  So many good courses from which to choose.
  • Wonderful way to keep older minds active.
  • So happy and grateful you have such a program for seniors.
  • Luv it!
       Wonderful vibe!
       Wonderful offerings!
       Wonderful people!
  • Love it! How about adding two more weeks.
  • A major asset of the Midcoast region.
  • It has been a joy in my life for all of its years.
  • A treasure
  • Wonderful gift to seniors who consider learning to be a lifelong opportunity
  • Very well run and just wonderful.
  • Very well run, cheerful and inviting.  Still meeting people who qualify to attend who have not heard of Senior College. How to advertise?
  • The best intellectual stimulation a senior could ask for.
  • Wonderful efforts by dedicated people.
  • Thank you for great educational classes.  They improve our lives in the best way.
  • The office staff is very friendly and accommodating.
  • Love it. Feeds my brain.
  • Just keep it going. It’s great.
  • A local gem.
  • Precious resource for us oldies.
  • Life in the midcoast would not be the same without it.
  • Great resource! Keep the classes coming!
  • It’s my favorite thing to do in Maine.
  • The knowledge and friendliness of classmates.
  • Privileged to have it in our midst.
  • Excellent institution.  Attendance should be required for the unenlightened.
  • I think it creates a marvelous community of sophisticated learners, who enjoy each other’s ideas and interactions.  I’m particularly grateful to Dorothy, who makes us all feel welcome, provides excellent hospitality and enjoys our company.  I’m grateful to Clare for solving one professor’s difficulties in projecting his slides onto the screen.  She was persistent and eventually effective in enlarging the slides so we could read them.
  • I have always been very pleased with any course I have taken at Midcoast Senior College.
  • You’re doing a great job.  Continue with liberal arts focus.  Much appreciate classes that help put current angst in perspective.  The College is a gift to seniors in the midcoast area.