Mid-Coast Maine: Understanding its Maritime Heritage

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 Thursdays, 9:30-11:00  8-week course begins 9/17

Together we will explore the context and broad scope of Maine’s maritime past and work to understand some of what faces us as coastal people today. Studying that heritage and thinking about our present, we will begin to realize that this coast is a microcosm of America’s long confrontation and love affair with the sea. Many of the issues we face here challenge people on every coast of the world. Required Book: Lincoln Paine, Down East: A Maritime History of Maine, ISBN 978-0884485650 (2nd ed) (for those wishing broader and deeper coverage: Roger Duncan, Coastal Maine: A Maritime History, ISBN 978-0881505559).

Bud Warren is a free-lance maritime historian and educator who has studied and lectured on the subject for half a century. He has rowed and sailed much of Maine’s coast, lead bus and windjammer tours of the region, and is an expert on how tidal energy was utilized in Maine’s past.

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