Morality, More Than Do No Harm

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Mondays,  1:00-2:30 p.m.  8-week course begins 3/15

Does Morality have a universal meaning anymore? Do we as individuals each define Morality according to our own personal understanding? Do Family, Religion, Politics or Philosophy have influence today on how moral or ethical decisions are made? Can we move back from an “I” society to a “We” society? In this class we will attempt to address these questions through discussion of present-day issues. We will challenge our own understandings of right and wrong and invite a broadening of perspective beyond our Tribe. Required Reading: Jonathan Sacks, Morality, Restoring the  Common Good in Divided Times, ISBN 978-1541675315. Suggested Reading: Joshua Greene, Moral Tribes,  ISBN 978-0143126058; Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind, ISBN 978-0307455772. Susan G. Mikesell is a retired psychologist. She enjoys the exchange with students on topics that are relevant to our age and time. She previously taught The Mature Mind and Being Mortal at MSC.