MSC Online Gazette

Welcome to Midcoast Senior College's (MSC) Online Gazette, providing a continuous platform for our writers and readers consistent with our educational mission. We encourage members and friends of MSC to contribute original writing of interest to other seniors in our community. Such writing may include suggested reading, letters to the Editor, essays under 8oo words in the liberal arts such as history, literature, philosophy, science, international affairs, art, music, and poetry. We shall also feature selected articles from past issues of The Midcoast Inquirer.

Gazette submissions may be accepted, rejected, edited, abbreviated, or referred to the Inquirer at the discretion of the editors.  Accepted pieces will appear online. The side menu indicates the general grouping of materials

Writing may be submitted to the Gazette in email form or word documents.  Please send to:  You may call us at 207-725-4900 for questions.

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