Ocean Energy: Tide Mills — A Once (and Future?) Thing

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 Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00 a.m. 6-week course begins 11/10

The nature and impact of tides is explored, and the dream and feasibility of economically harnessing ocean energy is reviewed. The long history and technology of tide mills are studied in detail. Their cultural impact, especially on our own coast, will be a focus. So that interested participants can explore local tide mill history on their own, a self-guided field trip to some local mill sites will be developed. A class website will offer reading material. For over a quarter of a century, Bud Warren has played with early tide mills, documenting over two hundred in Maine alone. Co-founder of Tide Mill Institute, a non-profit educational and research organization, he has organized and conducted fifteen annual conferences featuring speakers on the topic from the U.S. and seven other countries.