Past Course Websites

Senior College faculty members frequently create online websites to supplement their class meetings.  Materials placed on the websites vary from instructor to instructor, but usually include syllabus, readings (required or supplementary), links to articles, videos, performances, and the like.  In some cases, lecture notes are included.

The following selected websites provide a rich selection of educational materials.

Course NameInstructorGenre
Saving Capitalism (2016)Frank BroadbentEconomics
What's So Funny? (2017)Paul KalksteinHumor
Music and Politics in the Soviet Union (2017)Larry LemmelMusic
Great String Quartets (2017)Larry LemmelMusic
Music of a World in Crisis (2015)Larry LemmelMusic
The Greatest Music You Never Heard (2015)Larry LemmelMusic
Music for the Piano (2016)Larry LemmelMusic
What Are We to Make of Beethoven? (2016)Larry LemmelMusic
A Republic, If You Can Keep It (2017)Doug BennettPolitics
The U.S. Constitution – What It Says, What It Means, Why It Matters (Spring 2017)Niles SchorePolitics
The U.S. Constitution – What It Says, What It Means, Why It Matters (Fall 2017)Niles SchorePolitics
Plato’s “Aristocratic and Authoritarian” Republic vs. Dewey’s “Pragmatic” Democracy” (2017)Bruce HauptiPolitics
Afghanistan: Right War, Failing State (2017)Charles DunbarPolitics
The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Civil Rights (2014)Niles SchorePolitics
FDR, LBJ and the Battle for Economic Security (2015)Niles SchorePolitics/Economics
Beyond Timbuktu ‰-- An Introduction to Human Geography (2016)David SuitorHuman Geography
Israeli Memoir (2015)Ann KimmageLiterature
Tolstoy’s Short Fiction (2017)George M. YoungLiterature
Selective Memory: Nazi Paris in the Novels of Patrick Modiano (2016)Bill VanderWolkLiterature
Exploring Poetic Form:  A Writing Workshop (2018)Barbara Snapp & Mark SmithLiterature/Writing
Quiet Fire: The Spiritual Life of Abraham Lincoln (2017)Duncan NewcomerHistory
The Katahdin Region: A Century of Conservation (2017)Howad WhitcombHistory
The Battle of Verdun, 1916: History and Memory,Robert BunselmeyerHistory
The World of the Lower Kennebec (2018)Bud WarrenHistory
Voices of the Lower Kennebec (2015)Bud WarrenHistory
The Kennedy Assassination (2017)Bob WilliamsHistory
Historical Hoaxes (2016)Bob WilliamsHistory
Six Spies in the Shadows (2015)Bob WilliamsHistory
Plants -- The Elegant Organism (2017)Barbara SnappScience
The Brain, the Mind, and Intelligence (2011/2012)Barbara SnappScience
Climate: The Times They Are A-Changin‰ (2016)Bruce MacDougalScience
Evolution 101-102 (2016)Barbara SnappScience
Food: Biology, Chemistry, and Culture (2011/2013)Barbara SnappScience
The Social Conquest of Earth (2013)Barbara SnappScience
Weather or Not - It's a Matter of Climate (2015)Barbara Snapp
& Bruce MacDougal
Your Microbiome and You (2014/2015)Barbara SnappScience
Time, Space and Other Big Ideas (2018)Barbara SnappScience


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