Above and Beyond: Civil War Contributions of Mainers

Maine and its citizens played a significant role in the Civil War. Maine contributed the largest number of combatants, in proportion to its population, of any state in the Union. During fighting at Petersburg, the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment lost more men in a single charge than any other Union regiment during the war. This course explores the leading roles played by Mainers as both military and government leaders during the Civil War, with special emphasis on some of the nearly seventy Mainers who earned the Medal of Honor for their service. MSC. Limit 28.

Required Book(s): None

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Gardner Shaw is a former high school history teacher, a former professor of Political Science, a former consultant to government and industrial organizations, and a former taxi driver. He lives with his wife Barbara on Pitch Pine Hill in Phippsburg. They are both active members of both the Midcoast Senior College and the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Civil War Round Table.

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