Fall 2015

Israeli Memoir
Ann Kimmage, Instructor
Ann’s email: ann.kimmage@gmail.com


Contemporary Jewish writers in Israel tell their stories in their memoirs: who are they, what are their backgrounds, where did they come from and what experiences shaped their lives? What makes life in Israel unique? The purpose of this course is to deepen our understanding of Israeli society through the study of three prominent literary voices: Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness (2005), Aharon Appelfeld, The Story of a Life(2006) and David Grossman, Falling out of Time (2014). Class will be taught seminar style. Coming in the future: a course on Israeli Fiction.

Assignment for Class I

Assignment for Class II

Assignment for Class III

Assignment for Class IV

Assignment for Class V

Assignment for Class VI

Assignment for Class VII

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