How to Access On-line Performances

  1. Click on the session you want to access.
  2. Click on Performance Links.
  3. Click on the piece of music you want to hear. It should open immediately.
  4. Look at the icon on the far left, below the screen.
    1. If it is two vertical lines, the performance is not playing; click on it to start.
    2. If the icon is an arrow, the performance is playing; click on it to stop.
    3. To make the image full-size, click the rectangle on the far right, below the screen.
    4. To adjust the volume, click on the speaker icon, on the left below the screen, and move the bar to the right for louder, to the left for softer.

If you have any trouble accessing our class website, please call the Senior College Office at 207-725-4900.  A link to it will also be posted on the Senior College website’s home page.

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