Fall 2015

Voices of the Lower Kennebec

Bud Warren, Instructor
Bud’s email:  budw@fairpoint.net

The character of a region is found in its people, their spirit and the things they accomplish. This course focuses on a number of individuals who lived in the lower Kennebec River region from about 1775 to the 1920s. Reading selections from their diaries, journals, personal letters and account books, we will explore the history of this part of Maine and those who lived here and called it home. Perhaps through their words we‰Ûªll find that we aren‰Ûªt so different from those who preceded us. Bud Warren has spent sixty-five of his eighty-one years in the lower Kennebec region, and nearly half a century studying its history.

Class #1 — September 28

Course Overview

Course Schedule and Topics

Kennebec Bibliography

In Their Own Voices:  Early Voices

Class #2 — October 5

Readings for Class 2

Class #3 — October 12

Readings for Class 3:  God’s Guys at Work on the River: Half A Century of Service to the People of the Kennebec

Class #4 — October 19

 Readings for class 4:  Trees and Tories    Edward Parry’s Journal

Class #5 — October 28

Readings for Class 5 (.pdf)

Class #6 –November 4

Readings for Class 6 (.pdf)


Class #7 — November 11:  The Impact of the Sea

Documents for Class #7

Class #8 — November 18:  Boys and Girls on the River

Documents for Class #8

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