Spring 2018

The World of the Lower Kennebec

Wednesdays, 9:30 – 11:30

Bud Warren, Instructor
Bud’s email: budw@fairpoint.net


The epic of America to a notable extent flows on the rhythms of its rivers, great and small, which open ways into the heart of a continent…” Rivers of America (1937).

The lower Kennebec is our back yard. This course explores many of its aspects to illustrate its impact on the lives of those who have peopled its banks through time. Physical, environmental, historical, economic, and cultural aspects of the river will be explored in depth and detail through readings, maps, and perhaps even a field trip.

Readings each week will give you a chance to explore different aspects of river history before the next class.    As we share our reactions and personal experiences, we’ll all learn about the Kennebec and perhaps about ourselves.

Course Outline by Week

  1. Getting to Know the River
  2. Early Visitors to the River
  3. Natives of the River
  4. God’s Guys on the River
  5. Trees and Tories on the River
  6. Along the River in the Early 19th Century
  7. River Town
  8. Boys and Girls on the River

There will be readings each week in preparation for our discussions. If you wish to read further about any of the topics, this bibliography may be useful.  Some of the volumes will be available to borrow from a class library.

Class Readings

Class #1 — No assigned readings

Class #2 — The Lower Kennebec

Class #3 — World of the Kennebec

Class #4 — God’s Guys at Work on the River

Class #5 — Edward Parry’s Journal

Class #6 — Along the River – 1790’S to 1811 – Twenty Years of Activity

Optional Readings for Class #6

Class #7 — River Towns of the Lower Kennebec

Class #8 — Boys and Girls on the River


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