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Great Short Works of Leo Tolstoy.  Perennial Classics   (GSW)
Walk in the Light and Twenty-Three Tales.  Orbis Books.  (WIL)

MARCH 13  Talk Among Leisured People, WIL, 3-7;
        Family Happiness, GSW 3-81
 MARCH 20  The Cossacks, GSW 85-243
MARCH 27  Walk in the Light While There is Light  8-65;
        The Death of Ivan Ilych,  GSW,  247-302
APRIL 3  The Devil, GSW 305-351,
    The Kreutzer Sonata, GSW 355-449
APRIL 10  Master and Man,  GSW 453-500,
    Father Sergius,  GSW 503-546.
    The Three Hermits,  WIL 253-261
APRIL 17  A Prisoner in the Caucasus, WIL  78-107.
    Hadji Murad, GSW 549-668,
APRIL 24  Alyosha the Pot  GSW  671-677
    God Sees the Truth but Waits,  WIL 69-78
    What Men Live By, WIL  121-144
    How Much Land Does a Man Need, WIL 265-283
    Little Girls Wiser than Men, WIL 243-245
    Ilyas, WIL 245-250
    Esarhaddon, King of Assyria  WIL, 337-343
MAY 1     Film:  The Last Station.

LINKS TO OTHER WORKS BY AND ABOUT TOLSTOY  has most of the works on our list, and many more not on our list, available for free download.  For extra reading, I would especially recommend “Childhood,” a marvelous account of what it was like to grow up in a family similar to but not identical with Tolstoy’s.  again, most of the works on our list and many more not on our list are recorded by volunteer readers for free listening      another good source for Tolstoy’s fiction, biographical materials,  and, especially, his non-fiction:  his “Confession,”  “Tolstoy on Shakespeare,” etc.    an especially good New Yorker essay from 2013 by Mary Beard with focus on Death of Ivan Ilych.
Here’s an interesting article,  provided by Angela, on books Tolstoy listed in his diary that  particularly influenced him.  Anyone who comes across any other interesting links, please forward them to me and I’ll get them onto our class web site.
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