Progressive Capitalism: A Possible Model for a Renewed America

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4-week, 90-minute course begins Monday, 1/17  9:30-11:00 a.m. 

Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Prize in Economics 2001) is concerned that our divided society endangers our future. His People, Power, and Profits provides a possible model for reuniting us and restoring a broad commitment to our common good while rescuing capitalism from its current excesses. He maintains that markets are shaped by public policy and that our markets are not truly competitive because of our public policies. We will read and discuss his recipe for restoring our society and consider his recommendations to limit both exploitation and market power in order to restore competition and serve the common good. Required reading: Joseph Stiglitz, People, Power, and Profits, ISBN 978-0393358339. Bruce Hauptli regularly taught philosophy for 40 years and has taught five different courses for MSC. He is not an economist but is broadly informed about public policy and political issues.