Rabbit Ears – TV Days

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Led by Paul Kalkstein. Paul’s degrees are from Princeton (A.B.) and Yale (M.A.T.).
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Ah, the glory of that first test pattern–in black and white, of course. And then the small ovoid screen came alive, the rabbit ears moved here and there, once the channels became two, then three. Maybe we remember some of these very old shows–The Original Amateur Hour; Toast of the Town, later retitled The Ed Sullivan Show; Candid Camera; Texaco Star Theatre starring Milton Berle; Break the Bank with host Bert Parks; Kukla, Fran and Ollie–that premiered in 1948. And the adventure shows that followed, like Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Sky King, Superman. The Lone Ranger, migrated from radio, like many others. The family shows: Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, the Honeymooners, Lucy.

In this course we will look again at some of these old shows and share our thoughts about them, as well as our reminiscences of a time when we were young and the our world was new and shiny.