12:30-2:30 p.m. 6-week course begins 3/12                        

Are you an active writer? Or do you have a collection of manuscripts in a desk drawer that you have promised to “get back to, sometime?” The uncertainty common to most writers is whether it is as good as they can make it, and how to make it that way. In this course you will gain confidence participating in a number of strategies for seeing your writing with fresh eyes. You will practice looking at your own writing at various levels: word, sentence, paragraph, and entirety. For the brave, we will conference with your writing using a technique that is absolutely nonthreatening, but revealing. These practices will be applicable to all forms of prose.

Fred Cheney is a former high school English teacher, director of the Southern Maine Writing Project, and coordinator of large-scale assessments in the English Language Arts. MSC.                              


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