Reweaving the Ecological Fabric   

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Fridays, 9:30-11:00 a.m. 8-week course begins 3/19   
The ecological fabric of our small planet is unraveling, and with it, any meaningful future for the integrity of life on Earth. The cause is the brash, upstart speciesHomo sapiens, that broke the age-old covenant that had woven all life together into a harmonious, self-actuating, self-reinforcing ecosphere. The inescapable fact today is that the earth’s ecosphere cannot continue to support itself and us without a return to a sufficiently robust and rich wild ecology on a global scale. What is required of us is nothing less than a re-envisioned and revived ecological partnership with (not stewardship of) the wild Earth. We must transcend the current Anthropocene Period and inaugurate a new era of earth history, the Ecocene. How that might look and hopefully be accomplished is the subject of this course. Required Readings: David Attenborough, Life On Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future, ISBN 978-1529108286; Ursula LeGuin, Always Coming Home, ISBN 978-0520227354; Daniel Quinn, Ishmael, ISBN 978-0553375404.  Supplemental Reading:  E.O. Wilson, Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life, ISBN 978-1631492525. Fred Cichocki is a long time college professor with a doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Michigan. His eclectic interests span science, culture, and philosophy. In addition to teaching and research, Fred is an ecological activist, Adjunct Curator of Vertebrates at the Maine State Museum, and co-founder of the Maine Master Naturalist Program.