Rules for Registering Online!

We can't seat two people in one chair!  One Person - One Registration!  so:


Change the zero to 1 in the right-hand column of the course listing
opposite the course you wish to take.

(You can return the 1 to zero if you change your mind or if you make a mistake.)
Courses that are filled up are marked so.
When you have the correct courses selected, press  at the bottom right.

Fill in the credit card information. Press

at the bottom right.

If the screen goes blank, or if you see the Thank You for Registering screen, you have been successful. You will get a receipt and confirmation by email.  (it might be in your spam folder)
Please note that a lot is going on under the hood, and this may take a few seconds. Patience!

Do exactly the same thing again!


New this year:
  • You will be automatically charged $35 for a year’s membership in MSC, which is required for course registration. This is good for one year, July to July, so if you take courses in the Winter or Spring 2019 terms, you will not be charged this fee again.
  • You will NOT be provided with books by MSC. You will need to acquire your own- see this page for details.
  • Course costs have gone up slightly. The first course is $60, however all courses thereafter taken by the same person in the same semester cost $40. This is adjusted automatically as you register. Contact the MSC Office (725-4900) to add further registrations.