A Final Gift: Advance Directives

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The desire to control our final destiny requires knowledge of what is to come. We must articulate our final wishes and ensure that when we are unable to self-advocate, others can respectfully speak on our behalf. This course takes you on a journey of understanding, beginning with the role that the ICU often plays in our final days, to understanding our responsibility to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to society in general. This class will provide the learner with the knowledge, skills, and the necessary tools to document our decisions.  MSC. Limit 26.

Required Book(s): None

Susan F. Goran is a nurse with 45 years of full-time experience in a variety of roles in specialty ICUs; she has extensive teaching experience with both professional and public audiences. Currently she is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the School of Nursing for the University of New England.

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