America the Beautiful

Moral rot suffuses national politics and much else as well. But, Mirabile Dictu! on the local level, wholesomeness abounds. This course will look at this wholesomeness using three sets of case materials. 1. A superb study by Fallows and Fallows of one hundred American communities in which wholesomeness flowers. 2. My extensive experience with local wholesomeness in senior colleges, Boys & Girls Clubs, an elementary school, and a food pantry. 3. Comparable experiences which I hope class members will share. In these negative times, some positive vibes. The Highlands. Limit 28

Required Book(s): James and Deborah Fallows. Our Towns, A 100,000 Mile Journey into the Heart of America, ISBN 9781101871843

Steve Piker is an anthropologist who spent 44 years at Swarthmore College. In retirement, he has taught 15 courses at three senior colleges and performed much volunteer work in Maine.

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