An Eco-Agrarian Community Model

The American tradition of local community as the source of prosperity and quality of life has been eroded by big government and big business. Now local communities need to pursue ways to revise, restore, and revitalize the way community assets and people can build the kind of life that we all seek. The Eco-Agrarian Community Model can show the way. An understanding of ecological interdependence, sustainable agriculture, and cooperative, neighbor helping neighbor community can correct many ills that government and business are not addressing. Discussion will allow students to think about their own community assets, issues, and problem solving approaches.  MSC. Limit 26.

Required Book(s): None

Gar Roper, Ph.D., has studied philosophy, as well as individual and societal behavior in American History. He is a member of Freeport’s Wolfes Neck Center for Agriculture and Environment, American Farmland Trust, and Maine Towns in Transition.

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