How to Tell the Next Generation the Story of the Idea of America

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We will do two things in this course: renew your knowledge of the values of the idea of America, and enable you to find ways to talk with young people about America. We will bring together the history and values being taught in the Idea of America courses with imaginal role play; a teaching skill that has been successful with high school and senior college students learning American history. Elders still remember what the young still need to know and many of us want to take action about the developing American story. Thornton Oaks. Limit 25.   Course is cancelled

Required Book(s): John Oliver Wilson, The Idea of America: Our Values, Our Legacy, Our Future, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.   This book will be ordered by the MSC office. The cost is between $20-$25 and will be available the week before class.

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Duncan Newcomer is a founding member of the Idea of America Network. He has taught values-based American history in senior colleges and in Belfast’s Game Loft high school role play drama program, Coming of Age in America. Duncan has written extensively on the spiritual life Lincoln, the healing ideas of Phineas Quimby, the labyrinth, and the sacred feminine. He preaches in Unitarian and UCC churches, has a practice for spiritual direction, and a radio feature on WERU, “Quiet Fire: The spiritual life of Abraham Lincoln.”

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