30-second “elevator pitch”.   What is this course about?

“How to tell the next generation the story of the idea of America” 

Rev. Dr. Duncan Newcomer

To help keep our democracy we will do two things: 

Renew our knowledge of the values in the idea of America, including the legacy of great leaders, and ways to debate future challenges. 

Enable you to find ways to talk with young people about America, including the creation of a dramatic character from history. 

We will bring together the history and values in the Idea of America with imaginal role play, a teaching skill that has been successful with high school and senior college students learning American history.

A course for a frustrated grandparent?  Yes! Elders still remember what the young still need to know, and many want to take action about the developing American story. 

Coming soon: How easy is historical role play?

Contact: duncan.newcomer@gmail.com


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