Northern Renaissance Portraiture

 This course focuses on the culture and courts of the Netherlands, Germany, and Northern Italy. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, portraiture became a popular genre in Europe. Why did portraiture’s popularity grow so rapidly in this period? What is a portrait and how does it function? This class is designed to expand students’ recognition of portraiture beyond a framed image of someone’s likeness. We will consider how patrons and artists constructed political, social, and religious identities. We will examine how trade networks, political protocol, religious reforms, and intellectual movements influenced portraiture’s function and form.  MSC. Limit 30.  Course is closed

Required Book(s): None

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Sarah Timm, M.A. Art History, studied Medieval and Early Modern art and culture at Florida State University, where she also taught courses in art history and public speaking. Sarah is currently the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator at Maine Maritime Museum.

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