To Know a Region: Navigating the History of the Lower Kennebec Region

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This course studies several periods in the history of the Lower Kennebec region. We approach it from different directions: topographical, environmental, historical, cultural, economic, intellectual, and political. To familiarize ourselves with what once happened in the area and perhaps understand what’s going on now, we use maps, first person accounts, and other primary documents. We seek to understand the mindset and motivations of those who preceded us and how they traveled on the river. Perhaps we’ll begin to understand ourselves in the process.  MSC. Limit 26.  Course is closed

Required Book(s): None

Bud Warren grew up on the local coast; boats and the local river were a key part of his life. After Yale, he taught 25 years and worked at BIW, purchasing stuff for big boats. In 1968, he jumped avidly into the maritime history of the region. He’s still at it.

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