The Search for Meaning

12:30-2:30 p.m. 6-week course begins 3/12                         

The human species may be unique in its powerful need to find or create meaning out of experience. We will explore some of humankind’s most extravagant notions of the meaning of life and experience and then devote ourselves to our own personal pursuit of meaning. Each student will complete the course having written a personal credo of his or her view of the meaning (purpose) of life on earth, and his or her individual place in the schema of meaning.

Please visit the course webpage to learn more about this class and read the syllabus: Search for Meaning

Gar Roper knew he wanted to be a philosopher even when all his peers wanted to be baseball players, policemen, or movie stars. He took an undergraduate degree in philosophy and has continued to pursue the study of philosophy throughout his life. His knowledge is drawn from experience teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level, writing, consulting, and serving in numerous community organizations. MSC.


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