The U.S. Foreign Service and the State of State

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Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00 a.m.  8-week course begins 9/15 

This course is about American foreign policy and the role of United States diplomats in shaping and carrying it out. The modern U.S. Foreign Service was created in 1924, and its officers serve in the State Department and in some 300 U.S. embassies and consulates, in international organizations, and in other locations most- ly outside the U.S. As the number, size, and “footprint” of U.S. government entities operating in foreign affairs have grown, those of the State Department have declined in proportion. That said, the State Depart- ment and “FSOs” still “punch above their weight,” as shown in the October 2019 testimony of Ambassadors Taylor and Yovanovitch and others during President Trump’s impeachment hearings in the House of Repre- sentatives. Required Books: Paul Richter, The Ambassadors, ISBN 978-1501172434; Shawn Dorman, Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work, 3rd ed., ISBN 978-0964948846; Nicholas Kralev, America’s Other Army, 2nd ed., ISBN 978-1517254513.

Charles Dunbar spent 32 years as a U.S. and U.N. diplomat and ambassa-dor, plus 23 more as president of a world affairs council, and university teacher. This will be the twelfth course he has offered at MSC.

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