Lost and Found in the Deep Blue Sea 


Six classes demonstrate the evolution of marine technology through historical accounts of searching for and finding shipwrecks, aircraft, and spacecraft lost at sea. The first class starts with an introduction to the underwater search discussing the unsuccessful search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 and the recent discovery of Ernst Shackleton’s ship, the Endurance, in the Antarctic. From the Antarctic, we travel back in time to 1922 and the loss, search for, and salvage of the P&O liner SS Egypt off the coast of France. Each class will recount a famous loss and search at sea, culminating in a final class describing the search for and recovery of Apollo rocket motors from 3 miles beneath the Bermuda Triangle.


Reading: Electronic pdfs of supplemental materials will be made available.

About the Instructor

Vincent Capone has over 30 years of marine search, underwater technology, and diving experience in locating over 100 shipwrecks and aircraft.


Vincent Capone
Email: VJCapone003@gmail.com



1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
6-week course

Class Meeting Dates

  • Class 1 – 2/17
  • Class 2 – 2/24
  • Class 3 – 3/3
  • Class 4 – 3/10
  • Break 3/17
  • Class 5 3/24
  • Class 6 3/31



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